In psychotherapy sessions, our clinicians establish contact with patients and, through definitive therapeutic communication, attempt to alleviate emotional disturbances, reverse or change maladaptive patterns of behavior, encourage personality growth and development and/or support current evaluation of functioning.  Psychotherapy can assist with many psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety and adjustment to life transitions.


Individual psychotherapy is a collaborative process between Southwest Cares’ clinician and the patient that aims to facilitate change and improve the overall quality of life.  Each clinician provides services within their own theoretic practice model.  Treatment modalities may include cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy, behavior management, reinforcing appropriate behavior, grief-bereavement psychotherapy, reminiscence therapy/life review, active problem solving, reframing, relaxation-training, self-regulation and skill development.


Family psychotherapy is an important adjunctive service for many residents and 

families of residents in nursing home or assisted-living settings.  This is due to the often-conflicting relations that are present for these families, particularly when the placement is unwanted by the resident.  There may be situations, disagreements or conflicts related to the care-giving or placement decision, or there may be more long-standing difficulties between the resident and his or her family that warrant professional counseling.  Southwest Cares’ clinicians may offer family psychotherapy when appropriate and both patient and family member/care-giver are amenable.

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