Medication Management

For some individuals, psychotropic medications can assist in mood improvement, mood stabilization, reduction in anxiety, behavioral stabilization and/or reduction in psychotic symptoms.  Psychiatric medication management services by Southwest Cares are provided as part of an interdisciplinary approach to patients who generally have a number of comorbid conditions.  Coordination with nursing, thorough chart reviews and communication of recommendations to the medical director of the facility are an important part of this interdisciplinary approach. 


Southwest Cares’ psychotropic medications are pared to the minimum number of medications at the lowest effective dosages.  We recognize that our partnering facilities are bound by federal regulation mandating dosage reductions and elimination of unnecessary medications for their residents.  By providing non-pharmacologic treatment (psychotherapy) in conjunction with psychotropic treatment, Southwest Cares is best able to minimize the number of drugs and their respective dosages. 

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