Southwest Cares is comprised of a group of extremely talented and dedicated independently-licensed behavioral health clinicians.  Read more about our clinicians below.

Dr. Heather Conyngham, Ph.D.

Dr. Heather Conyngham graduated from Cornell University magna cum laude as an undergraduate and from Northern Illinois University with a M.A. and Ph.D. She completed her clinical internship at the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center in Albuquerque as part of Southwest Consortium. While on internship, she focused on treatment of anxiety disorders (specifically trauma), family therapy, addiction and behavioral medicine. She worked for eight years at the women's state prison, facilitating groups for a variety of issues and completing over 200 court-ordered forensic evaluations. She currently works for Southwest Cares and for the Mind Research Network, where she is the clinical manager of a multi-million dollar addiction treatment grant funded by NIDA. The grant is the first of its kind to incorporate neuroimaging as a measure of treatment success for addiction. She enjoys working with elderly individuals and finds working with nursing home residents extremely rewarding.

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